COE and Institute of Clean Rural Charity Sports Entrepreneurship ( ICRCSE) is Initially focused on the game CRICKET to  empower each & every individual rural/urban          youth to play and get AWARDED &  REWARDED with CASH MONEY/GIFTS FOR EVERY MATCH THEY PLAY.

  1. Join or Register Yourself as a PLAYER by Paying Rs.100/- to be eligible to play the RCCE Premier Cricket League 2019 and get a FREE LUCKY DRAW COUPON in exchange of the Rs.100/-
  2. You can exchange/redeem the coupon with food product like Pizza, Burger, Sandwich, Biriyani, Puffs,Fruit Cakes, Chocolates, Muffins,Spices, Oil, Food,Drinks        etc which will be made available in 11 Different Touch points to encash.
  3. You can choose to be One Leader or the Aspiring Entrepreneur who wants to lead a club (its like your company)
  4.  Select 11 Players to form a new cricket club or it can be a existing club
  5.  COE qualifies One(1) PRIME TEAM from a College/Corporate along with 11 Pre-Prime Teams (11 Player each)
  6. Select 10 touch points to encash or redeem  100s’ Food Coupons (in and around the college)
  7. One PRIME CLUB consisting 11 Players along with 11 Pre-Prime Clubs called as ONE UNIT,
  8. In the First Phase..10 HELPING CLUBS has been formed to Select / Short List 100 NO.OF CLUBS from the Block, Panchayat, Village levels (From Each District)) called PRIME/PRE-PRIME CLUBS and from Each Club COLLEGE OF EMPOWERMENT nominates and recognises TWO PLAYERS as  CAPTAIN (President) and VICE-CAPTAIN (Secretary).
  9. A New Sports Club can be formed/created by minimum 2 Players & select their  Minimum 11 Members/Players at any time as per the partnership firm rules and/or an exclusive partnership club/firm has to be legally registered ( as per the official norms) EXCLUSIVELY for the 100s’ NURTURING 100 DREMS” PROJECT /MISSION and to be eligible to get rewarded & awarded in all its business proposals, programmes, activities etc. Existing Clubs/Organisation cannot be officially recognised in the project/mission. However they can initially register to start the activity and then do the needful as per the COE norms.
  10. Register Your Club by filling the Application/Registration Form (for all the 11 Players separately as per the COE format) with COLLEGE OF EMPOWERMENT (COE) - ICRCSE to be included in the RURAL CHARITY CRICKET ENTREPRENEURSHIP LEAGUE -2019 Matches.
  11. Give your  ADHAR CARD( Front and Back) Copy Duly Signed ,BANK PASS FRONT PAGE Xerox COPY Duly Signed ,PHOTO 2NOS           ( Stamp Size – duly Signed in the back) , PAN Card ( if available). The Passport Size Photo Need to taken with proper dress code in a studio with Tie & Blazer with a Maroon Colour background or Brown colour BACKGROUND ,  and all the above documents are needed for all the  co-applicants ( partner,wife ,mother, father,son,daughter,siblings etc ) - ( all documents duly signed)
  12. After Registration with COE - ICRCSE - Your Club Will Be Called as SOCIAL-CHARITY-ENTERPRISE  (PRIME CLUB or PRE-PRIME CLUBS based on the COE policies) who will create Social Charity Entrepreneurs.
  13. One (1) Clubs need to have minimum 11 Players ( for Any Game)
  14. Initially The Club should Support 11 Childs by Buying 11 Child Gift Packs - 11 Players x 1 Gift Packs Per Player x Rs.100/-
  15. The Cost of the CHILD’S CHARITY GIFT PACK  - RS.100/-
  16. Every pack that is sold to the Clubs @ Rs.100/- or Individuals,an amount of 4.44%  GOES TO A ORPHAN I SPECIAL CHILD and The Club will know the details of whom ( Which Child) they are supporting.                                                 
  17. Any one who wish to be a part of the Mission has to support at least ONE CHILD by Buying at least ONE child charity gift pack @ Rs100/- and once they help one child with miminum one pack, shall be called as SOCIAL CHARITY SAMARITAN I  VOLUNTEER
  18. After Registration of the clubs with COE with the necessary documentations and purchase of the child charity gift packs - each player ( all 11 must buy to support 1 child )  shall be given a orientation workshop & training programme regarding the mission, vision, mechanics, techniques, income generation potentials, career development, self development, prize money for playing all the sports events etc. through its real life education, charity, sports and entrepreneurship modules.
  19. After you/your club supports 11 Childs or by buying 11 Gift Packs (1 Players x 1 Gift Packs Each x Rs.100/- ) you will be authorised by COLLEGE OF EMPOWERMENT (COE) and shall be given a qualifying certificate and ID card with Colour Laniyard with Name, Photo on the ID card, to recognise the individual player as social charity entrepreneurs ( SCE) and clubs as social charity enterprises(SCEnt).
  20.  After that  each player shall be named as SOCIAL CHARITY ENTREPRENEUR.
  21. Any One Who Buys Minimum One(1) Child Charity Gift Pack @ 100/- can be a part of the mission.
  22. When you support 1 Child ( or more than one child )  by buying 1 pack or more at a time for connecting the children, you shall be eligible to play cricket matches and to be a part of the cricket club.
  23. After the club is formed by supporting 11 Children by buying 11 Gift Packs ( 11 Players x 1 Gift Packs Per Player x Rs.100 for the first time ( this 1 gift pack eligibility policy is only for the first 44 early bird 44 clubs).
  24. After first 100 clubs are short listed/selcted (further,101 onwards..one has to support minimum 4 childs by buying 4 packs to  be  called as  a PRIME CLUB (A) or  PRE-PRIME CLUB (i.e. aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff,gg,hh,ii,jj,kk).
  25. A club is expected to arrange a tournament in his locality  within FOUR (4) DAYS of certification after joining with minimum 11 PRE-PRIME CLUB (i.e. aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff,gg,hh,ii,jj,kk) or  they have to select 16 CLUBS in SEVEN 7 DAYS to be eligible for any such cash money prizes/gifts for every player of the qualifying clubs.
  26. The playing Pre-prime clubs must purchase 1 Gift Packs x Rs.100/-  and 11 pre-prime clubs play matches in the leadership of PRIME CLUBS. All Prime (A) & Pre-Prime (aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff,gg,hh,ii,jj,kk) clubs buy the gift packs as a branded kit, for the first time from COE  but UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF SPONSERING PRIME CLUB and the matches are played between pre-prime clubs(A, aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff,gg,hh,ii,jj,kk) with in 4/7 days policy.
  27. PRIME CLUB (A) shall play the knockout matches along with the aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff,gg,hh,ii,jj,kk and the Winner Team gets Rs....../- and the Runner Teams Gets Rs...../- cash prize and the Organising PRIME CLUB (A) gets a minimum ASSURED cash money prize/gift of RS..../-  and all the PRE-PRIME CLUBS also GET A ASSURED cash money prize/gift of Rs..../- for the first match after joining the mission and buying the branded kit packs from COE.
  28. After the first match gift kits from COE, the Prime/Pre-Prime clubs are expected to do exactly same duplication as COE did.
  29. Originally The PRIME Club must Supports 44 Childs with 44 Gift Packs x Rs.100/- is eligible to Organise the Tournament as a PRIME CLUB (A) but for the first early bird 100 Clubs the policy is for 1 Pack for a Player.
  30. By arranging  ELEVEN (11)Playing PRE-PRIME CLUBSas below:
  31. Pre-Prime Club aa to kk - 11 Players x 1 Gift Packs Each x Rs.100/- x 11Player.
  32. Match arranged within 4 days (11 Clubs within 4 Days or 16 Clubs in 7 days) means  PRIME teams gets Compulsory Prize Money Rs..../- and winner prize Rs.... and    Runner Prize Rs..../- and also a relatively less amount of cash money prize or gift shall paid to each player as per the COE policy time to time
  33. All rights are reserved with COE for fixing the prize money or gifts at any time based on the people, event, circumstances ,situations or phases or any such kind of stuff
  34. COE – ICRCSE’s  RCCE WORLDwide CUP Cricket League will Focus on a Winning Strategy with the Slogan GO CHAMPION – STAY CHAMPION – MAKE CHAMPION...
  35. Prize Money or Gift Shall  be declared by COE match to match
  36. For Every Tournament Organised PRIME/Pre-Prime CLUBS, shall be getting the cash money prize or equivalent compensations of products or services.
  37. Winner prize (Minimum Rs..../-) and   Runners ( Minimum Rs..../- )
  38. All the cash money prize or support/rewards shall be given through Cheque/ Online Payment/Mobile Wallet ONLY by COE.
  39. RCCE WORLDwide CUP-2019 Cricket League Branded White T-Shirt, Cap,ID cards,Coupons,Gift Pack wrapper kit and other merchandise need to be purchased by the Club Directly for COE.
  40. All the other additional volume generating activities like Entry Pass Lucky Draw  Coupons @ Rs.14/- (Rs.10/- for Early Bird Lucky Draw Coupon Entry Passes) or any such ENTRY PASS gift packs of Rs.44/- or Rs.144/- or  or Rs.244/-,Rs.344/-,Rs.444/- OR Rs.399/- KIT (with other house hold grocery or staple dry food and other donation through any donor ( need to be exchanged with Products 100%).
  41. The product volume that moves products directly goes to the pre-prime club/player for their club development activities.
  42. This Project has More than 200+ Different Home Care, Personal Care, Health Care/Wellness, Beauty & Skin Care, Agri Care, Utility, Life Style, Garments, Electronics,Gift, Food Products and more & more different products that are being added in the kitty on a regular basis.
  43. All the Child’s Charity Gifts Packs to be Purchased through the PRIME CLUB/PRE-PRIME Or through its club members only.
  44. All the products has to be purchased DIRECTLY and kept by the PRIME/PRE-PRIME CLUB for  making the gift packs ( gift pack stock) to give  hand to hand BUT for the FIRST TIME ON JOINING THE GIFT PACKS HAS TO BE PURCHASED FROM COE ( or from PRIME CLUBS after first Purchase from COE).
  45. After the first time – the PRIME/PRE-PRIME CLUBS need to buy the gift bag kits by paying Rs.35/- ( this includes 4.44% of 100/- for the charity to one of the 10000 orphan special children being helped) and  Entry Pass Lucky Draw Coupons @ Rs.14/- Each card to be purchased by paying DIRECTLY to COE.
  46. All the Product needed/need to be purchased by the prime/pre-prime directly from the product sourcing companies. No Cash Collection from anyone by anyone. We are working on to have 100% electronic/net/mobile wallet fund transfers only for proper record keeping and to avoid manipulation at any level.
  47. The DAY TO DAY 4:00PM CRICKET SELECTION MATCHES or PROMOTION MATHCES at the Village Level,Panchayat Level Must be played as per the rules of COE with 100% Integrity.
  48. The match activities need to be managed by the local PRIME/PRE-PRIME clubs/players/leaders/captains/vice-captains/ PROJECT DIRECTORs.
  49. This on going cricket match ( other sports ) project is decentralised in every level with the active support and involvement of the PRIME/PRE-PRIME club/players/leaders/captains/vice-captains/PROJECT DIRECTORs.
  50. Policies for TENNIS BALL CRICKET GAME on the field to be finalised by the COE which shall be APPROVED by local level Cricket (Sports) Committees as per the local convenience.
  51. The next next next tournament shall be organised by the Winner or Runners  team   ( PRIME/PRE-PRIME CLUBS) in the 100% duplication process.
  52. All the BIG Matches will be played generally on SATURDAY and SUNDAYs and all other day to day matches  called 6AM MATCH i.e 6AM SIXER) and 4:00PM MATCH i,e. 4PM BOUNDRY) is on the local team’s convenience.
  53. The Timing of the matches will start from 1:44PM ( Post Lunch) for DAY NIGHT matches.( first ball is bowled at 1:44pm) and day matches at 8:44am.
  54. After all the cricket final match ( also day to day 4pm matches) an empowering promotional orientation seminar / workshop / training shall be organised for the local leaders/players/members of the PRIME& PRE-PRIME CLUBS.
  55. Maximum time to finish the day to day orientation promotional training is within 44 minutes.
  56. Each match shall be played with 4 overs each side within 44 minutes. Big matches shall be played in 11 overs within 02 hrs 04 Minutes.
  57. The More Number of child you help, you shall be awarded & rewards with more cash money prize, gifts, tours, travels, recognitions  and opportunity to play in different weekly district level,state level,national level tournaments and earn cash money prizes/gifts.
  58. Every Player and every club earns through their more and more innovative creative activities.
  59. Now the qualifying finalist (irrespective of wins or loses gets the opportunity To become the PRIME club to organise the same type match with same conditions at his place immediately after that match with in 4/7days policy.
  60. The PRIME/pre-prime clubs will organise matches in their own ground/turf.
  61. COE will officially appoint ( after certain qualification) One (1) Manager for every HELPING CLUB /PRIME  club that means 100 Managers ( all techy) and 10 General Managers ( Techy with Higher qualification) and PROJECT DIRECTORs ( with good qualification, EXPERIANCE, goodwill, face value,age ) with monthly/weekly/daily salary basis to monitor the activities very very closely.
  62. The captain and vice-capt ( PRESIDENT/SECRETARY) of INITIAL 100 selected  prime/pre-prime clubs will be doing the umpiring and shall make sure the matches happen as per the rules and terms in co-ordination with COE Managers,Ganeral Managers and PROJECT DIRECTORs.
  63. These PRIME/PRE-PRIME Clubs shall play a  match within maximum 44 mins each match x 11 Pre-prime clubs in One day - total 11 matches will be played  amongst aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff,gg,hh,ii,jj,kk & A  to get the instant moneitary benefit ,possible on a daily basis.
  64. All these PRIME 100 clubs will be given a qualifying certificate and ID cards and for captain, vice-capt as UMPIRES ( Special ID Card for UMPIRE ) and they also qualify to Create New clubs OR Social Charity Enterprises(SCEnt) to arrange matches by selecting the captain/vice-captains of his own club.
  65. For Each Child Charity Gift Pack ( @ Rs.100/-) ,the PRIME/PRE-PRIME will Get a TWO (2nos) SIX COLOURED ( one FREE & 14 Paid) - ENTRY PASS LUCKY DRAW COUPON (Promotional Entry Gate Pass).
  66. Each Multi coloured Coupon of  Rs.14/- (actually Rs.10/-) for each different coloured coupon (  which will be used for lucky draw in day to day matches including 6AM   MATCH and 4PM MATCHES and shall get lucky draw cash money prizes & gifts.
  67. Win a prizes on gift coupon in every match on a daily basis.



    aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff,gg,hh,ii,jj,kk & A


68. The First Round Knockout League Match (ROUND-1) is played between aabb( match1) + ccdd( match2) + eeff( match3) + gghh( match4) iijj( match5) + kkA7( match6).


69. 6 Winners of ROUND-1 shall play the QUARTER FINAL and 3 Winner Teams will be selected.


70. Out of these 3 teams, the MAXIMUM RUN SCORER team (amongst 3) shall find the place in FINALs directly as a LUCKY BEE CLUB and out of the 2nd  Team and 3rd Team, the winner gets into FINAL.


71. All the ROUND ROBIN scheduled matches are played on SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 1:44PM to 9:44PM ( In DayNight Flood Lights)