COLLEGE OF EMPOWERMENT (COE) is a public charitable trust registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882, established in the year 2002 and registered on 25 November 2009 (Regd. 22018/1664) to impart real life education through human recourse re-engineering, re-programming the minds , empower discovering  & evoke the inherent qualities of people, prepare people to face the challenge when dealing with the world and guide them how to use the learning’s the best way possible by our  world class trainings, teachings, visualizations, tools and untold techniques for changing minds, with clinical hypnotherapy, most sophisticated law of attraction techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP)  and daily routines, to develop the overall skill like communication skill, leadership skill, people skill, interpersonal skills, business skills, sales & marketing skills, fund generations skills by developing innovative & creative ideas/ programmes and help in the implementation, counseling, incubation, self-franchising, EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Programme), social enterprising, Social-Micro-Charity-Entrepreneurship (SMCE) & Enterprise Development programmes,  hand hold by locating one’s strengths &  weaknesses ; at the last, providing them  the  MUCH  NEEDED RESOURSES for an incredible, dynamic and lasting change to be on their own as successful social entrepreneur by enriching them in all the areas of life i.e. family, finance, health, mental, social and in the spiritual space help them celebrate the real ways of living life with self-sustainability.

We master in the flagship programs, in undertaking special child nurturing programs, orphan children nurturing/care, child education, nutrition, health, sanitation, environmental awareness, research, training, advocacy, empowerment through games / sports / athletic events / competitions / tournaments through cricket ,hockey, volleyball, football, basketball for increasing the social commerce through socio-economic development undertakings.

We aim to maintain, assist, finance, support or aid or help in running of a centre for special school , schools, colleges and/or aid in helping children with special needs for special teaching, therapeutic services, vocational training, has a vision to create a lifetime residential home, ashrams/meditation centres for peace of mind, medicinal plant gardens,  vocational training, boarding schools for normal / special children & for the benefit of public and special parents by & large through all genuine means and advancements of any other object in general, further involve / carry out profitable activities for  fund / profit generation for all the stake holders with the ultimate aim to be able to really give back to the society and  support the needy that has given us the opportunity to live a successful life through our extensive charitable programmes in state of Odisha as well as in other States/Union Territories in India and in the  International space/domain.